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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexpeditiouslyex‧pe‧di‧tious‧ly /ˌekspəˈdɪʃəsli/ adverb formal  FAST/QUICKin a quick and effective way syn efficiently All issues presented to the court are considered as fairly and expeditiously as possible.expeditious adjective an expeditious system for examining claims for refugee status
Examples from the Corpus
expeditiouslyThe board understands that it must resolve this issue expeditiously.As its provisions will be beneficial to many people, I hope that we shall deal with it expeditiously.It is also right that, as we have been urging, the asylum claims should be examined more expeditiously.Letters of Request are to be executed expeditiously.These infectious disease problems demonstrate the urgency for expeditiously implementing this plan.Against that background, the new government should proceed expeditiously to make its actions transparent and itself accountable.Such appeals are decided much more expeditiously when courts need not prepare full opinions with detailed recitation of the facts.Second, it could prevent us from dealing expeditiously with emergencies such as natural disasters or military threats.
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