Date: 1300-1400
Language: French
Origin: Latin experientia 'act of trying', from experiri 'to try out'


1 noun
ex‧pe‧ri‧ence1 S1 W1


[uncountable] knowledge or skill that you gain from doing a job or activity, or the process of doing this
experience of/in/with
You've got a lot of experience of lecturing.
my experience in many areas of the music business
He had no previous experience of managing a farm.
The advice in the booklet reflects the practical experience we have gained (=experience gained by actually doing something, rather than knowledge from books etc).
I had some experience in fashion design.
She was turned down on the grounds of lack of experience.
I have first-hand experience (=experience gained by doing something myself) of running a school.
gain/get experience
The programme enables pupils to gain some experience of the world of work.

knowledge of life

[uncountable] knowledge that you gain about life and the world by being in different situations and meeting different people, or the process of gaining this
in somebody's experience
In his experience, women did not like getting their feet wet and muddy.
know/learn/speak from experience
Being a parent isn't easy, as I know from experience.
All animals appear to have some capacity to learn from experience.
I speak from bitter experience (=having learnt something because something unpleasant happened).
personal/previous/past experience
From personal experience, she knew and understood the problems of alcohol addiction.
experience shows/suggests that
Beth's experience suggests that people don't really change deep down.

something that happens

[countable] something that happens to you or something you do, especially when this has an effect on what you feel or think:
experience of/with
This was my first experience of living with other people.
experience for
Failing an exam was a new experience for me.
I had a similar experience last year.
The two children in this story have been through a lot of bad experiences.
Parachuting is quite an experience.
memorable/unforgettable experience
This romantic evening cruise is a memorable experience.
religious experience (=a situation in which you feel, hear, or see something that affects you strongly and makes you believe in God)
This kind of religious experience was a sign of God's special favour.

the black/female/Russian etc experience

events or knowledge shared by the members of a particular society or group of people:
No writer expresses the black experience with such passion as Toni Morisson.

work experience

British English a system in which a student can work for a company in order to learn about a job, or the period during which a student does this:
Ella is about to do work experience with a clothing manufacturer.
on work experience
students on work experience

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