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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexperientialex‧per‧i‧en‧tial /ɪkˌspɪəriˈenʃəl◂ $ -ˌspɪr-/ adjective informal  CONNECTED WITHbased on experience or related to experience experiential approaches to learning
Examples from the Corpus
experientialBut the flux is also experiential.How far the experiential approach offers something distinctive will be discussed in Chapter 6.Table 6.1 offers examples of experiential learning activities used in nurse education.For the most part, he had explored the issue on a more experiential level.However, the experiential nature of police training usually ensures that a commonsense knowledge about these patterns is also built up.As it turned out, they had all the problems one would reasonably expect, given their experiential reality.
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