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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexperimentalex‧per‧i‧men‧tal /ɪkˌsperəˈmentl◂/ ●●○ W3 adjective  1 TEST/EXPERIMENTused for, relating to, or resulting from experimentsexperimental evidence/results/data A hypothesis is tested by finding experimental evidence for it.experimental work/studies experimental studies on birds and animals experimental animals2 NEWusing new ideas or methods an experimental theatre group
Examples from the Corpus
experimentalIf his earlier experimental albums were met with disdain by his core audience, this one appalled them.A few of the drugs are experimental and not covered by insurance companies.This can be established by programs in which the actual experimental apparatus is linked to a computer simulation.Often, special pilot projects can be designed on an experimental basis.an experimental drugOur knowledge about this comes primarily from experimental investigations.Casaubon was not alone in his criticisms of the new experimental philosophy for its atheistical tendencies.The board approved doctorate degrees in communications and experimental psychology at North Dakota State University.experimental researchan experimental theater groupexperimental evidence/results/dataThough the theory was many years ahead of its time it was almost wholly guesswork and rested on no satisfactory contemporary experimental evidence.What is needed is some basis for estimating the functional from a finite number of experimental results.Weismann did offer some direct experimental evidence for the non-inheritance of acquired characters, and a great deal more is available today.However there is now an enormous amount of experimental evidence in favour of it.However, some suggestive experimental evidence is now available.Is the standard unified model the only possible explanation of the experimental data it so well describes?Snow was involved in a whiff of controversy about some experimental results obtained in the 1930s.Further, no firm experimental evidence shows that these drugs diminish regional cerebral blood flow in migraineurs.
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