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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexperimentallyex‧per‧i‧men‧tal‧ly /ɪkˌsperəˈmentl-i/ adverb  1 TEST/EXPERIMENTrelating to experiments data obtained experimentally2 NEWin a way that involves using new ideas or methods The drugs are being used experimentally on patients suffering from breast cancer.3 TRY something TO SEE IF IT IS GOODif you do something experimentally, you do it in order to see or feel what something is like He moved his shoulder experimentally; it still hurt.
Examples from the Corpus
experimentallyHowever, it can be calculated by application of Hess's law to three standard enthalpies which can be determined experimentally.It also predicts a stress-superposition law which has been observed experimentally.She dropped a rock on its head experimentally.This treatment was used experimentally approximately 20 years ago, with mixed results.Secondly, stimulation of capsaicin sensitive neurones in the stomach enhances the resistance of the gastric mucosa against experimentally imposed damage.Everything was perfect except that when I came to train experimentally naive monkeys, I discovered that they did not like peanuts.Conceptually more complicated, but experimentally simpler.
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