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expiration date

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexpiration dateexpiration datethe American form of expiry date expiration
Examples from the Corpus
expiration dateGuidelines require that an expiration date appear on every page of an Internet-Draft.Beer makers such as Anheuser-Busch complained two years ago that the county was selling beer past its expiration date.In August that year $ 25 million worth of vaccine was backlogged and in danger of passing its six-month expiration date.Winemakers, you already know that consumers need expiration dates on certain wines.The certificate, which is good at any of the restaurants, has no expiration date.The expiration date is no more than fourteen days later than the date of grading.
From Longman Business Dictionary
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expiration dateexpiˈration ˌdate especially American English (also expiry date)1the date when an agreement or offer legally or officially endsThe April 8 expiration date for the purchase offers remains unchanged.the expiration date of Blum’s contract2FINANCE the last date when it is possible to exercise an OPTION or WARRANTThe corporation has extended for one year the expiration date of its 2,111,006 public warrants outstanding.3American EnglishCOMMERCE the last date that a product, especially food, should be sold SYN sell-by-date BrE date
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