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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexplodedex‧plod‧ed /ɪkˈspləʊdɪd $ -ˈsploʊ-/ adjective technical  AVDan exploded drawing, model etc shows the parts of something separately but in a way that shows how they are related or put togetherunexploded an exploded diagram of an engine
Examples from the Corpus
explodedNear the residential apartments he had seen an exploded armoured carrier, and more dead soldiers.The slightest alteration in the chemical balance would result immediately in a race of exploded beetles.He believed they may also have exploded blast bombs.It was the same burned face that he had seen behind the wheel of that exploded car in the office-block forecourt.When this exploded, fortunately not fiercely enough to breach the wall of the vessel, the operators realized what was happening.The first exploded in the chamber of horrors at Tussauds in Baker Street, central London, just after 1am yesterday.In a shelter under London, while bombs exploded overhead, she coupled in a frenzy with a dead-faced young woman.The exploded view of Fig. 9 shows the method.
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