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explosionex‧plo‧sion /ɪkˈspləʊʒən $ -ˈsploʊ-/ ●●● W3 noun  1 [countable]LOUD/NOISY a loud sound and the energy produced by something such as a bomb bursting into small piecesexplodebomb/gas/nuclear explosion Several people were injured in a bomb explosion. We heard a loud explosion.huge/massive etc explosion A massive explosion ripped through the building.2 [countable, uncountable]SCB a process in which something such as a bomb is deliberately made to explode Police carried out a controlled explosion of the device.3 [countable]INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT a sudden or quick increase in the number or amount of something the population explosion in Indiaexplosion of the recent explosion of interest in Latin music and dance4 [countable]EMOTIONAL a sudden expression of emotion, especially anger syn outburst5 [countable]LOUD/NOISY a sudden very loud noiseexplosion of an explosion of laughterCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2ADJECTIVES/NOUN + explosiona big explosionThere has been a big explosion in the centre of Paris.a huge/massive/enormous explosionAn enormous explosion tore the roof off the building.a tremendous explosion (=very big and powerful)The torpedo struck the side of the ship, followed by a tremendous explosion.a powerful explosionThe powerful explosion was heard from Portland, Maine to Albany, New York.a major explosion formalWe are getting reports of a major explosion at the oil refinery.a loud explosionWe heard several loud explosions followed by an eerie silence.a deafening explosion (=extremely loud)The building collapsed in a deafening explosion.an almighty explosion old-fashioned (=extremely loud)There was an almighty explosion and I was knocked to the ground.a muffled explosion (=one that is not heard very clearly)We could just make out a muffled explosion from deep inside the mine.a nuclear/atomic explosionThis is the site of the first ever nuclear explosion.a gas explosionFirefighters say that a gas explosion destroyed the building.a volcanic explosion (=one caused by a volcano)You could see where a volcanic explosion had blown the mountain peak away.verbscause an explosionThe police do not yet know what caused the explosion.set off/trigger an explosion (=cause an explosion)Investigators believe a fuel leak may have triggered the explosion.carry out an explosion (=cause one deliberately)By 1942, the United States had carried out test explosions with nuclear bombs.hear an explosionMarie was reading in bed when she heard the explosion.an explosion takes place/happensThe largest explosion took place at the main post office.an explosion occurs formalThe explosion occurred just off the coast of Greece. an explosion shakes somethingA series of explosions shook the building.an explosion destroys somethingSeven people died when the explosion destroyed the bus.an explosion kills somebodyLast year, an underground explosion killed 82 miners.
COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: a sudden or quick increase in the number or amount of somethingADJECTIVES/NOUN + explosiona sudden explosionHenry thought she was going to laugh, but then there was a sudden explosion of sobbing.a population explosionThe decision not to plant the fields led to a population explosion in rabbits.phrasesan explosion of interest in somethingThere has been an explosion of interest in networking websites in the last few years.an explosion of violenceThe army had to cope with the explosion of violence that followed the elections.an explosion of angerThe verdict was greeted by an explosion of public anger.an explosion of colour literaryAfter the rain, the desert bloomed in an explosion of color.
Examples from the Corpus
explosionNo-one can say where the amazing explosion of digital services will take us.The change in instrumentation thus touched off an explosion of information.The company cannot meet demand, and has seen an explosion of customer complaints.An explosion of conflict last month left at least six people dead in the town.an explosion of laughterThese people are full of hope. An economic explosion is underway in their country.All large explosions are safely out at sea.A massive explosion occurred during testing at Tobolsk on the same pipeline in October.a nuclear explosionEven modest-sized nuclear explosions can have effects detectable over intercontinental distances.Pressures on carers will increase as Britain faces a population explosion among the most vulnerable elderly people.Rabbits and ducks have been contributing to a population explosion in the park.We live in the century of population explosion, with the world's population doubling at least every 25 years.Another, smaller explosion at the row of ATMs did less damage.Murray was killed instantly by the explosion.The noise of the explosion could be heard all over the city.Officials insist the case is unrelated to the explosion in homicide rates among teenagers.The explosion rivalled Vesuvius, Pelee and others of the historical era.When some one or something stops them from getting their own way, their frustration can build up to explosion point.bomb/gas/nuclear explosionA bomb explosion aboard a ferry south of Trincomalee on Sept. 10 killed 24 soldiers and 15 civilians.Accidental nuclear explosions can not occur; the bombs are designed so they can not be exploded by any chance event.For comparison, the atomic bomb explosions that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki were about 20 kilotons each.The heat released in this reaction, which is like a controlled hydrogen bomb explosion, is what makes the star shine.A natural gas explosion that killed three and injured more than 20 others in 1992 has made the community particularly wary.Coal gas production became involved with safe gas explosions.Even modest-sized nuclear explosions can have effects detectable over intercontinental distances.Mr. Bowis My right hon. and learned Friend will recall the bomb explosion a month ago on the track in my constituency.controlled explosionLocal residents were evacuated in case there needed to be a controlled explosion.It was later destroyed in a controlled explosion.The device was removed from the shop and detonated in a controlled explosion.A controlled explosion was carried out at 12.30am.The hoax devices were destroyed in controlled explosions by army bomb disposal experts, using remote-controlled vehicles.After a series of controlled explosions, the van was removed from the scene early yesterday.Police carried out several controlled explosions of suspect packages at the site.The station area was evacuated while the controlled explosion was carried out.population explosionAs the summer reaches its peak, there will be a population explosion of butterflies.Pressures on carers will increase as Britain faces a population explosion among the most vulnerable elderly people.Pettitt sees urban services in particular offering vast scope for expansion as city fathers wake up to the dangers from the car population explosion.Mention procreation, and they talk about the population explosion.When people began talking about the population explosion twenty-five years ago the world was growing by 50 million people every year.It could be a major factor is reversing the deadly momentum of the population explosion.He cites in support of this the population explosion.But nomatterhow hard they are worked the population explosion continues.
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