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exporterex‧port‧er /ɪkˈspɔːtə $ -ˈspɔːrtər/ AWL noun [countable]  BBTa person, company, or country that sells goods to another country opp importerexporter of With the expanded production of North Sea oil and gas, the UK has become a net exporter of fuel (=it exports more fuel than it imports).major/leading exporter Japan is a leading exporter of textiles.
Examples from the Corpus
exporterIt is likely to slip further, as exporters delay converting foreign exchange into pesos in the self-fulfilling expectation that it will.Boeing sells a third of its aircraft overseas, making it the biggest exporter in the United States.Another incentive, tax rebates for exporters, has also been cut this year.Meanwhile exporters are feeling the chill.Profits at auto makers and other exporters could be tarnished by a weaker dollar against the yen.However, only a few large companies - 25 of them - have been registered as software exporters with branch offices abroad.major/leading exporterThis country is the size of Ohio and has long been a major exporter of automobiles, consumer electronics and ships.In the late 1960s almost all major exporters began to cut back production, apparently believing that surpluses would otherwise become unsustainable.Britain's leading exporter of manufactured goods.It is the world's leading exporter of false teeth.Her modern industrial sector was growing rapidly; she was one of the world's leading exporters of textiles.
From Longman Business Dictionaryexporterex‧port‧er /ɪkˈspɔːtə-ˈspɔːrtər/ noun [countable]COMMERCE a person, company, or country that exports goodsIf the yen rose above 115 to the dollar, virtually every exporter in Japan would be losing money.Britain’s leading exporter of manufactured goods net exporter
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