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expose yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexpose yourselfexpose yourselfSYif a man exposes himself, he shows his sexual organs to someone he does not know in a public place, usually because he is mentally ill expose
Examples from the Corpus
expose yourselfThere were cases of teachers following girls home, and one who exposed himself.Whereas they expose themselves by coming to power, he can remain concealed indefinitely.Marie had never understood how women could bare their souls with such ease, exposing themselves so shamelessly to one another.Women expose themselves through their image far more than men do.He was arrested five other times from 1991-93 on charges such as exposing himself to a female student and urinating in public.The builder, by breaking his commitments, no doubt exposed himself to an action by his customer for breach of contract.I hated to expose myself, to emerge, to stick out.By connecting to the Internet, a local network organization may be exposing itself to the entire population on the Internet.
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