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ex‧pres‧sion S2 W2

strong feelings/thoughts

[uncountable and countable] something you say, write, or do that shows what you think or feel
expression of
I decided to go to the meeting as an expression of support.
expression of sympathy/thanks/regret etc
The letter was a genuine expression of sympathy.
Student leaders are demanding greater freedom of expression (=the right to say what you think without being punished).
give (political/religious/artistic) expression to something
The Socialist Party was founded to give political expression to the working classes.
Another writer who seeks to give expression to popular oral culture is Jose Maria Arguedos.

on somebody's face

[uncountable and countable] a look on someone's face that shows what they are thinking or feeling
expression of
an expression of surprise
There was a blank expression on her face (=no expression on her face).
In the photograph he seemed devoid of facial expression (=having no expression on his face).
A pained (=worried) expression crossed her face.


[countable]SL a word or group of words with a particular meaning:
The old-fashioned expression 'in the family way' means 'pregnant'.
pardon/forgive/excuse the expression (=used when you think may offend someone by using particular words)
After the climb we were absolutely knackered, if you'll pardon the expression.


[uncountable]APM when you put feeling or emotion into the music that you are making or into your acting


[countable] technicalHM a sign or group of signs that represent a mathematical idea or quantity
WORD FOCUS: phrase WORD FOCUS: phrase
similar words: expression, idiom, cliche, metaphor, saying, turn of phrase

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