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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishextantex‧tant /ɪkˈstænt/ adjective formal  EXISTstill existing in spite of being very old Few of the manuscripts are still extant.
Examples from the Corpus
extantMore amenable land had become available and J.H. Taylor was commissioned to design the course still largely extant.The last extant chancery bond is dated 21 June.It is closely related to a longer version extant in four manuscripts three of which assign it to him.Finished, the 4-foot-high platform was three times larger than any stage extant in San Francisco.This is one of the few extant manuscripts.Fossils may tie them to the ungulates, but they seem quite distinct from any extant member of the group.In the few extant representations she is always shown as veiled.However, the significance of this is questionable, as extant specimens all emanate from a single obverse die.
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