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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishextensiveex‧ten‧sive /ɪkˈstensɪv/ ●●○ W3 adjective  1 SIZElarge in size, amount, or degree The house stands in extensive grounds. Fire has caused extensive damage to the island’s forests. the extensive use of pesticides2 LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTcontaining or dealing with a lot of information and details Extensive research is being done into the connection between the disease and poor living conditions. The exhibition has received extensive coverage in the national press.extensively adverb As a student, he travelled extensively in the Middle East.
Examples from the Corpus
extensiveDamage to the forests from the wildfires was extensive.Additionally and importantly, for from this so much resulted, there was extensive correspondence to be dealt with.Abortion has been the subject of extensive debate in the US.He gambles on football, thinks Las Vegas is heavenly and isn't averse to extensive investment in the stock market.The ancient Greeks had an extensive knowledge of the stars.The tradition of sporting excellence at Coleraine is reflected in the extensive list of clubs currently supported from Union funds.Forests were destroyed due to extensive logging.The event attracted extensive media coverage.It can be fitted to a jeep or truck without extensive modifications to the chassis or bodywork.Adelman has done extensive research into the effects of stress.It has a large practice with commercial and investment banking clients and does extensive work in insolvency and real estate.extensive coverageDatabases which had higher percentages of these citations were considered to have more extensive coverage.The aerial photographic units of both Aerofilms and Cambridge University have extensive coverage of country house gardens and parks.Newspapers and magazines carry extensive coverage of diet and health topics and diet books are among the best sellers.This book boasts extensive coverage of how to wed and honeymoon at Disney.There was a far more extensive coverage of our match.Using the extensive coverage provided by the aerial photographs a whole network of prehistoric roadways was identified and mapped.It is one where the clear purpose of extensive coverage was titillation.
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