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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexteriorex‧te‧ri‧or1 /ɪkˈstɪəriə $ -ˈtɪriər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 [usually singular]SURFACE the outside of something, especially a building opp interiorexterior of the exterior of the factory The dome is tiled on the exterior.2 calm/cool etc exterior
Examples from the Corpus
exteriorBeneath that assured exterior, thought Meredith, she's vulnerable.With her soft voice and her calm exterior, she absolutely would not let creditors off the hook.It smashed against the rusted freight car behind her, shattering the glass exterior and buckling the sensitive anode.Belle finds a sweet soul behind his gruff exterior.The concrete garden path has been bricked over and vines adorn the white-painted exterior.The dome is protected by a timber roof and is tiled on the exterior.The interior is still in ruinous condition though the exterior is fairly intact.the exterior of a houseThe exterior of Linköping Cathedral is unimpressive.Any tumultuous exterior I offer is merely to draw the crowds.on the exteriorOn the exterior is an octagonal spire, called the Torre de Gallo, after its weathercock.Only the interior ribbed vaults are Gothic, and the abundance of fine sculpture both on the exterior and inside.Nobody would spend any money on her, beyond a splash of cheap cosmetic on the exterior.They will attach several experiments on the exterior of the outpost.The Cathedral has not obscured the Mausoleum; on the exterior the octagonal form remains with the surrounding colonnade of Corinthian columns.Long spines on the exterior of the shell were developed especially during the Carboniferous.The dome is protected by a timber roof and is tiled on the exterior.These arches are visible on the exterior wall surfaces.
exteriorexterior2 adjective [usually before noun]  1 OUT/OUTSIDEon the outside of something opp interior The exterior walls need a new coat of paint.2 exterior scenes in a film are filmed outdoors3 coming from or relating to facts, situations etc other than the one you are considering information that is exterior to the text itself
Examples from the Corpus
exteriorthe car's sleek exterior designWith the leap to exterior grandeur from the 1870s went a new concentration on the magnificence of the interior arrangements of stations.exterior paintDrawbacks: The exterior walls get very hot during combination cooking.exterior wallsThe interior is unusual with columns set on circular plan but with flatter, straight sides to the exterior walls.To let in light, the architects left a few gaps-windows-in the essentially monolithic exterior walls.Drawbacks: The exterior walls get very hot during combination cooking.No insulation and nothing to stop warm, moist interior air from condensing on cold exterior walls in the winter.In the exterior walls prison chambers still survive which are of Romanesque date, while the audience chamber possesses a fine wall-fireplace.The framing went up, the exterior walls, the siding.
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