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extra time

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extra timeˌextra ˈtime noun [uncountable]  especially British EnglishDSF a period, usually of 30 minutes, added to the end of a football game in some competitions if neither team has won after normal time syn overtime American Englishin extra time Beckham scored in extra time. The match went into extra time.
Examples from the Corpus
extra timeIt was still 1-1 after extra time, so cue the dreaded penalty shootout.If you have not had time to object, contact the planning officer and ask for extra time.The match was finally settled two minutes into extra time when St Albans won possession in defence and broke quickly.It was 17 legs all and so Rod and Ronnie were thrust into extra time.If she needed extra time, she could catch up on her assignments on weekends.The Gills were staring at a second successive defeat in the final with just seven minutes of extra time remaining.As if the extra time would allow them to come up with a thoughtful answer.Childless couples may use their extra time for leisure and their extra money for consumption rather than for investment.went into extra timeAt the end of 90 minutes the score still stood at 1-1 and the game went into extra time.The game went into extra time with Hereford eventually winning four three on penalties.
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