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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishextractionex‧trac‧tion /ɪkˈstrækʃən/ AWL noun  1 [countable, uncountable]REMOVE the process of removing or obtaining something from something elseextraction of the extraction of salt from seawater the extraction of information from appropriate reference sourcesmineral/oil etc extraction2 be of French/Russian/Italian etc extraction
Examples from the Corpus
extractionHeavy with child I come to ask for an extraction.I didn't like having my teeth drilled but extractions were infinitely worse.Silicone lubricant enhances recovery of nucleic acids after phenol-chloroform extraction Phenol-chloroform extraction is a major step in the purification of nucleic acids.Recorded conversations can either be analyzed for relevant communications in situ or transported to an information extraction facility.This is practical, useful information, since it makes extraction of these gases relatively easy.La Chevardière himself was of noble extraction, and supplied scores to highly-placed aristocrats.A final chapter describes the standardization of single and sequential extraction procedures and certification of soil and sediment reference materials.The three pellets previously mentioned were found in the gall of the Saint at the time of the extraction of her heart.The protesters are opposed to the extraction of minerals in the area.Dentists will only resort to extraction of a tooth when all other treatments have failed.extraction ofthe extraction of coal and other natural resources
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