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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishextraordinarilyex‧traor‧di‧na‧ri‧ly /ɪkˈstrɔːdənərəli $ ɪkˌstrɔːrdnˈerəli, ˌekstrəˈɔːrdn-erəli/ ●○○ adverb especially British English  1 [+adj/adverb]VERY extremely We were extraordinarily lucky.2 STRANGEin a way that seems strange Why had James behaved so extraordinarily?
Examples from the Corpus
extraordinarilyShe looks extraordinarily beautiful tonight.All four were extraordinarily clever, given to fantasy and melancholy, and impractical to the point of danger.The fragmentation of politics has made it extraordinarily difficult to bring a coordinated attack on overall questions about the system.Dooley, he was convinced, was extraordinarily good for something.Thus, it is no accident that military medicine, at its best, is extraordinarily good.First, the shipyard workers were ex-posed to the deadly blue and brown varieties of asbestos, and in extraordinarily high concentrations.Sometimes, if you were extraordinarily lucky, he answered it himself.
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