Date: 1300-1400
Language: Medieval Latin
Origin: Latin vagans, present participle of vagari 'to wander about'


1 spending or costing a lot of money, especially more than is necessary or more than you can afford:
Would it would be too extravagant to buy both?
an extravagant lifestyle
2 doing or using something too much or more than is necessary
extravagant with
Don't be too extravagant with the wine.
an extravagant display of loyalty
3 if someone makes extravagant claims, promises etc, they make big claims or promises that are not true or real:
extravagant claims about the drug's effectiveness
4 very impressive because of being very expensive, beautiful etc:
extravagant celebrations
extravagantly adverb
extravagance noun [uncountable and countable]
the extravagance of the Royal Palace
His only extravagance (=the only expensive thing he bought) was fine wine.

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