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extreme west/end/left etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishextreme west/end/left etcextreme west/end/left etcthe part furthest to the west, nearest the end etc on the extreme edge of the cliff extreme
Examples from the Corpus
extreme west/end/left etcPassage is possible through the branches on the extreme left.So why was she tempted to invent such an extreme ending?The extreme left doors date from 1948, the work of Arrigo Menerbi, showing the tribulations of early Christians.Moving down to the extreme left he was discovered by the enemy, and a full battery opened upon him.Evictions are the extreme end of the bailiff's duties.But the extreme ends of the continent seem afflicted with retro-chic shallowness when it comes to cocktails.Roots and leafless bushes stuck up wildly at the extreme end of the strip.Developing your film To get your film developed you need to go to the extreme left of the upper level.
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