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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishextremistex‧trem‧ist /ɪkˈstriːmɪst/ ●○○ noun [countable]  EXTREMEsomeone who has extreme political opinions and aims, and who is willing to do unusual or illegal things in order to achieve them The bomb was planted by right-wing extremists.extremist adjective
Examples from the Corpus
extremistPersonally, I am against extremists of any political persuasion.We were slated for our views, and spent the rest of the weekend being ignored or branded as extremists.The government condemns anyone who disagrees with it as extremists.right-wing political extremistsAre student extremists different from other students in their intelligence or idealism or independence?The regime has been accused of supporting extremists in other countries in the region.Both the Carlist right and the extremist left could later appeal to this primitive rebellion.But the incendiary devices were different from those used in previous arson attacks by the extremist group.It will eradicate the power of the extremist minority in political parties.Left-wing extremists have threatened to disrupt the political convention.About 50 Left-wingers clashed with 20 Right-wing extremists in Chemnitz.Then in the 1980s, the party also became associated in the voters' mind with extremists.
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