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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheye-catchingˈeye-ˌcatching adjective  ATTRACTsomething eye-catching is unusual or attractive in a way that makes you notice it an eye-catching design
Examples from the Corpus
eye-catchingan eye-catching adWith your advice we now have an eye-catching and comfortable home.I would prefer an analogue contents display because it is more eye-catching and less likely to be misread.Press releases should be eye-catching and on boldly headed paper.He used to wear yellow ties and trendily-cut suits in eye-catching colours.The posters come in several eye-catching designs.This eye-catching display contains tiny baskets of fruit.an eye-catching dressThis eye-catching hairstyle really suits Debbie's personality far more than her original style which was quite flat and lacking body.That is where Missoni sells its wickedly costly sweaters, and those eye-catching scarves.
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