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eye contact

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheye contacteye contactwhen you look directly at someone at the same time as they are looking at you People who are lying tend to avoid eye contact. In a formal interview, try to maintain good eye contact with the interviewers. eye
Examples from the Corpus
eye contactThey were seated and made little, if any, eye contact with the brothers or their lawyers.She had always associated eye contact with frankness; there was nothing frank about this man.She was making deep eye contact with me and a couple of her rings were digging into my fingers rather painfully.This ensures good eye contact which is very important in promoting mutual trust and confidence between members.Unlike radio, the anchor / readers do not have to be in eye contact with the control room.Let your body language, eye contact and facial expression show involvement and receptivity.But he never looked at his grandmother, who seemed eager to make eye contact.I was paralysed with fear at the very thought of making eye contact with them, let alone playing the teacher.
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