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eye shadow

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eye shadowˈeye ˌshadow noun [countable, uncountable]  DCBcoloured make-up that you put on your eyelids to make your eyes look more attractive
Examples from the Corpus
eye shadowShe wore a blusher with flecks in it, and blue eye shadow.Without iridescent blue eye shadow, an effulgent outfit or a hair-sprayed coif, she looks normal.Hookers don't even wear blue eye shadow.Blue eye shadow and long earrings were her only adornments; her fingers were ringless.A slow tear ran down her cheek, smudging her green eye shadow.She took another slug of beer and continued rubbing eye shadow from her left eyelid.To soften around the eyes, blend the edges of the eye shadow.Instead, there is a seamless progression from play lipstick to pierced ears to eye shadow by age 10.
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