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eyebroweye‧brow /ˈaɪbraʊ/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 HBHthe line of hair above your eye thick bushy eyebrows2 raise your eyebrows3 be up to your eyebrows in something
Examples from the Corpus
eyebrowMerrill's dark eyebrows lifted a little; surely there ought to be a reception desk, and some one to attend to visitors?She lifts her eyebrows and looks the place over.He raised his eyebrows, waited.-Sir, he assaulted me.Her appointment by Clinton to such an important job raised many eyebrows, but she has proved a popular and effective envoy.For a time I could communicate only by raising my eyebrows when some one pointed to letters on a card.The eyebrows and eyelashes were drawn in an then very pale washes were put on, the paint smooth and even.
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