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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheyeglasseye‧glass /ˈaɪɡlɑːs $ -ɡlæs/ noun  1 MH[countable] a lens for one eye, worn to help you see better with that eye syn monocle2 eyeglasses
Examples from the Corpus
eyeglassHe had lost an eye as a child and wore an eyeglass in the remaining one.She yanks off his eyeglasses and stomps on them.I study the mountain of eyeglasses taken from the dead.Henry had always fancied that eyeglass.The eyeglass had fallen out and was rolling about on the floor.Adolescents conscious of personal appearance may prefer them to eyeglasses.Who perceives what democracy, and through what eyeglasses?Your eyes water, your tears freeze on your face, your eyeglasses stick to your skin.
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