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eyesighteye‧sight /ˈaɪsaɪt/ noun [uncountable]  HBHyour ability to see syn visionpoor/good/failing etc eyesight Eagles have very keen eyesight. He had a problem with his eyesight.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesgoodYour eyesight must be very good if you can read the sign from here.keen (=extremely good)Eagles are known for their extremely keen eyesight.perfectShe's in her seventies, but her eyesight is still perfect.bad/poor Moles have very poor eyesight.failingIn his later years, he suffered from failing eyesight.verbssomebody's eyesight failsHe's over 80 now, and his eyesight is beginning to fail.somebody's eyesight gets worse/deterioratesYour eyesight gradually deteriorates with age.eyesight + NOUNeyesight problemsHer eyesight problems ruled out a job as a pilot.an eyesight examination/testThe cost of the eyesight examination may be refunded.
Examples from the Corpus
eyesightan eyesight testFailing eyesight was forcing him to retire.Santa Clara was good for eyesight.You must have good eyesight. I can't even make it out from here.She jumped to her death, and he lost his eyesight as the house fell in.Frank was working for a large nursery and wanted to get into management when his eyesight started to fail.My eyesight's got a lot worse over the last few years.She had discovered that he possessed the eyesight of a cat.I assume you all know what raw ammonia does to the eyesight?Encourage residents to wash and iron their clothes where their eyesight and co-ordination are good.poor/good/failing etc eyesightA quadriplegic who is nearly deaf and has failing eyesight, the 61-year-old sheik would seem to be powerless.Another poem of this period, addressed to the Duke of York, complains of his poor eyesight.A military career had fascinated the young Makarenko, though he disliked it and had to be discharged on account of poor eyesight.Rather, poor eyesight uncorrected by glasses and harshly taxed by use may produce symptoms of strain, including headaches.You will need to be able to work for long periods with a high degree of accuracy, and have really good eyesight.The story is that slightly better eyesight will enable animals to avoid death and find food slightly more effectively.That is why smell is so important to quadrupeds; erect animals with good eyesight can detect danger from far off.
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