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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheyesoreeye‧sore /ˈaɪsɔː $ -sɔːr/ noun [countable]  UGLYsomething that is very ugly, especially a building surrounded by other things that are not ugly The factory is an eyesore.
Examples from the Corpus
eyesoreMaybe one of the powerful merchants regarded it as an eyesore.What the students had come to value as a wetland, the administration had seen as an eyesore.They claim the air-bubble dome will be an eyesore.It's worried that the resulting jumble of colours and designs would create an eyesore.Many residents consider the old house an eyesore.The council says the dish is an eyesore and should be painted white again.Neighbors complained that it was an eyesore, covered by weeds and debris, and that the owner was unfairly avoiding taxes.Brighter street lights, however, could not direct attention from the growing number of commercial eyesores taking power from the canal.
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