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FF1, f /ef/ (plural F’s, f’s) noun  1 SLA[countable, uncountable] the sixth letter of the English alphabet2 [countable, uncountable] the fourth note in the musical scale1(8) of C major or the musical key based on this note3 [countable] a mark given to a student’s work to show that it is not good enough I got an F in chemistry. f-word
Examples from the Corpus
FTony got an F in chemistry and has to take the class again over the summer.
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FF2  1 TMTthe written abbreviation of Fahrenheit Water boils at 212° F.2 SWOMANthe written abbreviation of female3 SEthe written abbreviation of false
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f.f. (also f British English)1 APMthe written abbreviation of forte, used in music to show that a part should be played or sung loudly2 the written abbreviation of female
From Longman Business DictionaryFF (also f) written abbreviation for FOLLOWING (PAGE)
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