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fabricfab‧ric /ˈfæbrɪk/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]DMATERIAL cloth used for making clothes, curtains etc syn material our new range of fabrics and wallpaperscotton/silk/synthetic etc fabric printed cotton fabric2 [singular]BASIC the fabric of a society is its basic structure, way of life, relationships, and traditionsfabric of Drug abuse poses a major threat to the fabric of our society. The country’s social fabric is disintegrating.3 the fabric of something
Examples from the Corpus
fabricLamps, decorative objects, rugs, wall coverings and fabrics are only a few of the most commonly licensed home furnishings.In 1996, wardrobe shine will come from other sources, such as fabric coatings.The company creates fabrics for jackets and coats.His father was a tailor in Como, and young Antonio made his first fabric design at age 12.Rayon is used extensively to make furnishing fabrics.We'd dearly love to grab squares of iridescent fabric and twist them into fabulously flattering Jerry Hallesque wraps.Use lining fabrics for economy, trimmed with pattern border or edged with braid.Man-made fabrics such as polyester are easy to wash and iron.Notch out fabric on inner curves to reduce bulk and enable the fabric to lie flat.And, a base spokesman acknowledged the cooler ban did not prohibit knapsacks, soft-sided fabric coolers or wagons.Within minutes of being tossed out, the soaking fabrics became stiff boards.I want to buy some fabric to make a skirt.special fabric for Christmas decorationscotton/silk/synthetic etc fabricViscose: A synthetic fabric normally made from wood fibres.All synthetic fabrics, plastics, chipboard, plywood, foam rubber and other man-made materials are excluded from the oasis.Plain-weave polyester and cotton fabrics are also used as linings.Some silk fabrics will drape beautifully while others have a light, crisp appearance.Use fine thread; silk thread with silk fabrics, and synthetic thread with synthetic fabrics.Folkweave A loosely-woven cotton fabric, using coarse yarn, often with stripes.fabric of ... societyEach has argued for higher education to preserve the cultural fabric of society.It concerns the fabric of our society.Human authority is then an evil in itself and the social relations which constitute the fabric of society are constantly being dissolved.For more than 50 years Oxfam has been trying to improve the fabric of society in some of the world's poorest regions.Lawful strikes may threaten the fabric of a society much more than many unlawful acts.The fabric of our society would be seen to be the ridiculous thing it is.The fabric of society collapsed, as people sided with the King or Parliament.
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