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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfabulousfab‧u‧lous /ˈfæbjələs/ ●●○ adjective  1 GOOD/EXCELLENTextremely good or impressive syn wonderful You look fabulous! a fabulous meal The room has fabulous views across the lake.2 [only before noun]LOT/VERY MUCH very large in amount or size syn huge the Duke’s fabulous wealth3 [only before noun]IMAGINE fabulous creatures, places etc are mentioned in traditional stories, but do not really existfable
Examples from the Corpus
fabulousTheir Chicken Kiev is delicious, and as for their garlic bread ... fabulous!I think this is pretty fabulous.Oh, man, those are fabulous.She was distinctly a bit funny about her diamonds, always reputed to be fabulous.For $ 239, you and your Valentine are treated to the same fabulous dinner, and overnight accommodations.Be bold with strong shades - that's the key to this fabulous face!Against this background the rosy-tipped lamp standards seemed like fabulous lantern plants in a land of faerie.That was really a fabulous meal.Close by is a fabulous network of caves, filled with deep lakes of clear blue water.The painting was sold for a fabulous sum.fabulous wealthBoth he and Dempster had depended on Lord Aviemore's fabulous wealth if for some reason the project failed.Libel Despite her fabulous wealth, Sam's only property is a humble £60,000 two-bedroom flat in North London.
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