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facadefa‧cade, façade /fəˈsɑːd, fæ-/ noun [countable]  1 TBBthe front of a building, especially a large and important onefacade of the facade of the cathedral an impressive building with a red brick facade2 [usually singular]BEHAVEHIDE/NOT SHOW a way of behaving that hides your real feelings Behind her cheerful facade, she’s a really lonely person.facade of She managed to maintain a facade of bravery.
Examples from the Corpus
facadeOn both their parts, it seems, the good cheer was a facade for the benefit of the other.Behind her cheerful facade, she's really a lonely person.At the same time, she remained a perfectionist, equally determined to present a flawless facade.Unfortunately he has concealed them behind a flimsy facade of demagoguery.Work is underway to repair the Taj Mahal's marble facade.There was no expression on his face, just the blank skin facade of hunger and tiredness.The garage dominates the facade, although recent exceptions to this rule have emerged in scattered developments.Indeed, the need to maintain the facade of politesse is often paramount.The facade of the building at least escaped from rigour.The facade will be changed by the removal of the old canopy and the installation of an illuminated screen above the entrance.Behind ... facadeBehind the facade of hope and optimism, there remained the haunting fear of poverty, inequality and insecurity.And behind the charming facade there was nothing.He spoke quickly and nervously, but although he appeared highly-strung, she sensed a cold calculating brain behind the facade.He sent home letters and telegrams that give us a glimpse behind the facade of the official portrait: Loved the ladies.The irrational spectre of money illusion is often seen to lie behind the complex facade of income-expenditure models derived from the system.It falls away from the crown, quite unceremoniously finished off, behind a good facade.The building does not construct modern office space behind a retained facade but around it.Unfortunately he has concealed them behind a flimsy facade of demagoguery.
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