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face powder

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face powderˈface ˌpowder noun [uncountable]  DCBpowder that you put on your face in order to make it look less shiny
Examples from the Corpus
face powderOnce a year she gets her hair permed and once a year she buys face powder.The usual smell of long-seated bottoms, of sour shoes, of tobacco muck, of stogies, cologne, face powder.She put the books down on the vanity table and with trembling fingers opened her handbag to find her face powder.Disguise a blemish with a touch of medicated cover-stick, then set with loose face powder.A special carmine stick replaced rouge on the cheeks followed by a dusting of face powder.This corresponds to the fineness of face powder or an average particle size of about $ 0 microns.It had that mixed smell of face powder, lipstick and everything else that goes into a woman's purse.Corn Silk, a unique super-absorbent superfine face powder that ends oily shine.
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