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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishface-savingˈface-ˌsaving adjective [only before noun]  ADMIREa face-saving action or arrangement prevents you from losing other people’s respect a face-saving compromise
Examples from the Corpus
face-savingThe party's most likely recourse is a face-saving compromise with the Ministry of Finance that does not alter the statusquo.Experts say the face-saving courtesy now extends to lower-level employees.Wright's face-saving equaliser came five minutes from time - after he had endured a nightmare display.Carter reluctantly accepted the face-saving maneuver, which was announced on April 21.But the odds are that even those women who appear impermeable to pain are suffering great hurt behind their face-saving pose.He could have joined battle, lost, and opted for some face-saving rapprochement.Part of the new Governor's job will be to avoid a face-saving repetition.
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