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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfacelessface‧less /ˈfeɪsləs/ adjective [usually before noun]  1 BORINGa faceless person, organization, or building has nothing that makes them special, interesting, or different – used to show disapproval He had become just another faceless bureaucrat. faceless modern office blocks2 faceless communication does not involve seeing the person you are communicating with Faceless communication, online or in text messages, can lead to misunderstandings.
Examples from the Corpus
facelessThese victims should not remain faceless.The glare of the nauseous streetlights which made the world faceless and colourless.The only enemy I knew was faceless and somewhere outside our perimeter.a faceless committeeMany stations allow nameless, faceless fans to rail incessantly about things they know nothing about.The buildings were the same kind as where her faceless father had been.The faceless ones knew the villain had been introduced and they wanted to hiss and boo.faceless bureaucratHe had become just another faceless bureaucrat.Without harassment, without secret police, faceless bureaucrats, permits and papers, forms, prohibitions, repressions.
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