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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfacialfa‧cial1 /ˈfeɪʃəl/ ●○○ adjective  BODYon your face or relating to your face Victor’s facial expression didn’t change. facial hairfacially adverb Facially the boys are similar.
Examples from the Corpus
facialThe patient has a few small cuts and facial abrasions.The injuries were mainly facial cuts from tripping on the stones.Hector gave that up and went to my facial expression, which was bland in the extreme.This includes facial expressions, body language, and the like.Although physically perfect for the role, his clumsy facial expressions make him a lumbering presence in Lilliput.Do you see the people in your mind's eye-their facial expressions? the colour of their clothes?Controversial views After the slick presentation, including player pics with facial expressions, the match section is disappointing.Their facial features are indistinguishable, brightly lit though they are by harsh artificial lights.Both have brown and black bristles and facial warts.
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facialfacial2 noun [countable]  DCBif you have a facial, you have a beauty treatment in which your face is cleaned and creams are rubbed into it
Examples from the Corpus
facialSo if they book a facial after buying the basics, and you give them a special gift for doing that.Then they are gon na give us each a facial and a manicure.Classes and facials for this week.These are classes, these are facials, and this is about building your team.They involve the same exfoliating, cleansing, toning and moisturising routines as facials.This was fun; with any luck she could say goodbye to facials, mud-packs and manicures.Here's how to make the most of your complexion, from cleansing and moisturising to facials and problem-solving.
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