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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfacilefa‧cile /ˈfæsaɪl $ ˈfæsəl/ adjective  1 CARELESSa facile remark, argument etc is too simple and shows a lack of careful thought or understanding facile generalizations2 [only before noun] formalEASY a facile achievement or success has been obtained too easily and has no value a facile victoryfacilely adverbfacileness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
facileA fifth mistaken approach is the facile assertion that opponents are being inconsistent.During a given project, the collaboratory notices and remembers which of us are good, even facile, at which tasks.Every society must be protected from a too facile flow of thought.The senator is known for making facile judgments on current issues.It muddles facile loathing of a parody bureaucracy with the great issues of statesmanship.A crude or facile narrative technique will inevitably fail to achieve the desired ideological objective.Munro never lets you get away with a facile, one-dimensional take.It is facile to attribute all childhood problems to poor parenting or social circumstances.It is facile to employ cost of living indices or indices of neo-natal mortality without knowing how the figures are calculated.
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