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fa‧cil‧i‧ty S3 W1 plural facilities


[plural] rooms, equipment, or services that are provided for a particular purpose:
All rooms have private facilities (=private bathroom and toilet).
The hotel has its own pool and leisure facilities.
childcare facilities
2 [countable usually singular]T a special part of a piece of equipment or a system which makes it possible to do something:
Is there a call-back facility on this phone?
a bank account with an overdraft facility
3 [countable]TIF a place or building used for a particular activity or industry, or for providing a particular type of service:
a top-secret research facility
the finest indoor sports facility in the US
4 [singular] a natural ability to do something easily and well [= talent]
facility for
She has an amazing facility for languages.

the facilities

American English spoken the toilet, used to be polite:
Excuse me, I have to use the facilities.

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