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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfact-findingˈfact-ˌfinding adjective   fact-finding trip/visit/mission etc
Examples from the Corpus
fact-findingIt launched a fact-finding division to gather intelligence on the hate groups.A wholesale buying facility can also be a very useful part of a factory visit or a fact-finding interview at head office.He announced that he would make one of the longest fact-finding journeys ever made by a public inquiry in Britain.Some pass the evening chatting to a Member of Parliament on a fact-finding mission.There is always a Member of Parliament on a fact-finding mission.There will be no fact-finding missions to any of the countries in question.The fact-finding process involves a more formal discussion, during which each party again presents its position and supporting facts.Unlike mediation, fact-finding recommendations are generally made public, thus placing additional pressure on the parties to come to an agreement.
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