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fact-finding trip/visit/mission etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfact-finding trip/visit/mission etcfact-finding trip/visit/mission etcFIND OUTan official trip, visit etc during which you try to find out facts and information about something for your organization, government etc fact-finding
Examples from the Corpus
fact-finding trip/visit/mission etcAt that stage, I did not make any connection between my irritability and my fact-finding missions.My older brother, who had a crush on my friend, often accompanied me on these fact-finding missions.Some pass the evening chatting to a Member of Parliament on a fact-finding mission.There is always a Member of Parliament on a fact-finding mission.There will also be in-depth discussion on Northern Ireland and the Mr Clinton's plan to send a fact-finding mission.This in turn means swotting up on the subject, going on fact-finding missions and meeting politicians and organisers.When on the fact-finding mission, my approach was a lot like yours, matter-of-fact.There will be no fact-finding missions to any of the countries in question.
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