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fact of life

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfact of lifeˌfact of ˈlife noun (plural facts of life) [countable]  1 an unpleasant situation that exists and that must be accepted Mass unemployment seems to be a fact of life nowadays. Persuading others to accept the hard financial facts of life is not a very popular job.2 the facts of life
Examples from the Corpus
fact of lifeIncomplete systems are accepted as a fact of life.Financial insecurity has become a fact of life for significant segments of the middle and working classes.Anyway, it's not neurotic, it's a fact of life, a biological, evolutionary thing.Homosexuality was not discussed, it was simply a fact of life.Despite the problems with groups they remain a major fact of life in all organizations.Leprosy was a disease, no more; it was an unpleasant fact of life, like poverty and illiteracy.
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