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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfactionfac‧tion /ˈfækʃən/ noun  1 [countable]GROUP OF PEOPLE a small group of people within a larger group, who have different ideas from the other members, and who try to get their own ideas accepted struggles between the different factions within the party the leaders of the warring factions2 [uncountable] formalDISAGREE disagreements and arguments between different groups within an organization jealousy and factionfactional adjective factional conflict
Examples from the Corpus
factionThere are now at least half a dozen Akali factions, both moderate and militant.Dwyer also wanted to ensure that conflicting political and business factions did not undermine the regeneration strategy.There was great rivalry between the colour factions, often with political implications.In a small Texas school district, two political factions were vying for control of the school board.Since then, factions of moderates and hardliners have battled within the movement.The pro-war faction within the party condemned any attempt at negotiation.The whole of the country has been taken over and destroyed by warring factions.The warring factions are attempting to negotiate an end to the conflict.warring factionsSteps are now being taken to get both warring factions around the negotiating table.Already they've been the target of attacks from warring factions.The change began with the anguished division of the old Solidarity opposition into warring factions last year.The current winner that can temporarily dominate over all the other warring factions?Thus the Labour Party became a battleground for its own warring factions.Others have failed to get through the treacherous terrain and past the warring factions.Indeed, he hoped they would provide the basis of a religion that could unite the warring factions of the Church.The warring factions are suggesting drastically different solutions to the crisis.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfactionfac‧tion /ˈfækʃən/ noun [countable] a small group of people who belong to a larger group but who have different ideas and opinions from the larger group, and may argue or fight with themRival factions within the department must settle their differences if the project is to have any chance of success
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