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facts and figures

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfacts and figuresfacts and figures[plural] the basic details, numbers etc concerning a particular situation or subject Here are a few facts and figures about the country. fact
Examples from the Corpus
facts and figuresWhen she left I quickly immersed myself in the safer, less emotional facts and figures of a real estate deal.Stripped to their essentials his facts and figures are astonishing.The report contained some interesting facts and figures about the Saturn Corporation.Most of the ones I run into need facts and figures.It is not easy to make sense of the maze of facts and figures concerning the settlements.He is notoriously tough on staff, often challenging them on facts and figures during council meetings.He learned how to boom out facts and figures to the city council members that they were unable to refute.He doesn't need to remember facts and figures, he actually sees the things and people of his cover-story life.These facts and figures added relatively little to what was already known in outline.
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