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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfactualfac‧tu‧al /ˈfæktʃuəl/ ●○○ adjective  TRUEbased on facts or relating to facts Try to keep your account of events as factual as possible.factual information/knowledge/statements etc Libraries are stores of factual information. The report contained a number of factual errors.see thesaurus at truefactually adverb The document is factually correct.
Examples from the Corpus
factualThis complex and imperfect achievement did not result automatically or easily from dispassionate moral or factual analysis.The original part consists of a string of factual claims, many of which are quarter-truths or plain wrong.History books have their main ideas, supporting evidence and factual details arranged in a particular manner.There is factual evidence to support the view that Storni entertained the idea of suicide long before 1938.Most of the detailed factual material learned in the sixth form is forgotten or superseded within a few years.The questions had, for the most part, been slanted to the factual points about where people were on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.Neither of these approaches necessitate the drawing of precise lines between legal and factual questions.For this reason, use short paragraphs and direct, factual sentences.factual information/knowledge/statements etcHowever, there are occasions when speech is used for the detailed transmission of factual information.This requires more than factual knowledge.Many respondents criticized campus police for not disclosing enough factual information about the racial events, fueling rumors and speculation.They need to provide the factual knowledge and the reasoning skills that a rational mind requires.Motivation is heightened, factual knowledge increased, and opinions may be modified.In practice this may not be onerous as very limited factual information is contained in the typical advertisement.They have reached a point in their drama when they need factual information, they want to get it right.Yes, you memorized all types of lists and pieces of factual information with regard to, say, the physical sciences.
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