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facultyfac‧ul‧ty /ˈfækəlti/ ●○○ noun (plural faculties)  1 [countable]SEC a department or group of related departments within a universityschoolfaculty of the Faculty of Law the Engineering Faculty2 SEC[countable, uncountable] American English all the teachers in a university Both faculty and students oppose the measures.3 [countable usually plural]CAN a natural ability, such as the ability to see, hear, or think clearly the patient’s mental facultiesin full possession of all your faculties (=able to see, hear, think etc in the normal way)faculty of the faculty of sight4 [countable] formalGOOD AT a particular skill that someone has syn talentfaculty for She had a great faculty for absorbing information.
Examples from the Corpus
facultyrepresentatives from the history facultyIt provides buoyancy and this, for the bulk of the descendants of these air-breathing pioneers, became a more important faculty.Further information about admissions to individual faculties as well as general course descriptions are contained in the later faculty sections.A drop in enrollment will affect students, faculty, and administrators.He has found supportive faculty and administrators; he has found, in his words, my own place.Nearly half the faculty turned out to show their support.It was happening in the faculty.Norman White has been on the faculty at UCLA for over thirty years.The largest of them are also the country's teaching hospitals, affiliated to the faculties of medicine in the universities.faculty ofThe patient's faculty of hearing has been greatly damaged.faculty forMargret had a great faculty for absorbing information.
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