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fagfag /fæɡ/ noun [countable]  1 British English informalDFF a cigarette2 American English taboo informalHOMOSEXUAL a very offensive word for a homosexual man. Do not use this word.3 be a fag4 SESa young student in some British public schools who has to do jobs for an older student
Examples from the Corpus
fagHere and there you see a black-bereted soldier chewing a fag on a street corner.Do you mind if I have a fag?It's going to take more than one fag to get rid of these mosquitoes.I'd get you some fags at the same time.Instead, I just lit up a straight fag and shared it with her, Bogart style.I have a look round for the fag packet, but it's gone.I take another drag on the fag.
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