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fairgroundfair‧ground /ˈfeəɡraʊnd $ ˈfer-/ noun [countable]  DLOan open space on which a fair2(1) takes place
Examples from the Corpus
fairgroundThey're gravitating to a large noisy mechanical crudely-lit fairground.You will also catch a glimpse of the Big Wheel in the famous Peter fairground.Pickleson, fairground giant with whom Doctor Marigold becomes friendly and who draws his attention to the deaf-mute whom Sophy eventually marries.Music at the fairgrounds begins each Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and ends about sunset on 11 stages.The grinning face of the fairground boy leers in through the wire.Musicians often finish their set and prowl the fairgrounds in search of new sounds and soul food.The fairground goldfish has been the starting point for many hobbyists.Since Composite was otherwise restricted to fairgrounds, Diderot was telling us something of his opinion of politicians.
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