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fairwayfair‧way /ˈfeəweɪ $ ˈfer-/ noun [countable]  DSGthe part of a golf course that you hit the ball along towards the hole
Examples from the Corpus
fairwayWhat he did was send his drive over both familiar fairway bunkers 313 yards - all uphill.We were lucky to last more than the first fairway together.The 3-wood is used for driving and the 5-wood for fairway shots.But we missed a couple of fairways and he wasn't strong enough to hit far out of that heavy rough.The discoveries confirm a significant new productive fairway in the Upper Magdalena Basin.We have to limit galleries to one side of the fairways.Peter was as steady as a rock, keeping the ball on the fairway and hitting nearly every green in regulation.The ball glanced on a bounce off the foot of a spectator and back down toward the fairway.
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