Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: feid, from Latin fides; FIDELITY


Related topics: Religion
faith W2

trust/confidence in somebody/something

[uncountable] a strong feeling of trust or confidence in someone or something
have faith (in somebody/something)
I still have faith in him.
'Have faith, Alexandra,' he said.
lose faith (in somebody/something)
The public has lost faith in the government.
destroy/restore somebody's faith (in somebody/something)
It's really helped restore my faith in human nature.


a) [uncountable] belief and trust in God:
deep religious faith
faith in
my faith in God
b) [countable]RR one of the main religions in the world:
People from all faiths are welcome.
the Jewish/Muslim/Hindu etc faith
members of the Jewish faith

break faith with somebody/something

to stop supporting or believing in a person, organization, or idea:
How could he tell them the truth without breaking faith with the Party?

keep faith with somebody/something

to continue to support or believe in a person, organization, or idea

good faith

honest and sincere intentions:
He proposed a second meeting as a sign of his good faith.
The woman who sold me the car claimed she had acted in good faith (=had not meant to deceive me).

bad faith

intentions that are not honest or sincere

an act of faith

something you do that shows you trust someone completely:
Allowing Ken to be in charge of the project was a total act of faith.
WORD FOCUS: religion WORD FOCUS: religion
faith one of the world's main religions, for example Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, or Christianity
a Christian religious group, for example the Catholic Church
a religious group that is part of a larger religious group but has slightly different beliefs, for example a Buddhist sect
an extreme religious group that is not part of an established religion
faith community
a group of people living in the same area, who have a particular religion
not relating to religion or any religious group

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