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fall/collapse etc in a heap

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfall/collapse etc in a heapfall/collapse etc in a heapFALLto fall down and lie without moving They finally collapsed in a heap on the grass. heap
Examples from the Corpus
fall/collapse etc in a heapThe foreigner stumbled on a few steps, his brains leaking out around his earphones, and collapsed in a heap.Graham never saw what hit him, and collapsed in a heap on the floor.Ace, Defries and Bernice fell in a heap.Sure enough, the Mean Machine runs the same play again and Budanski collapses in a heap, not breathing.The gallant commander and his horse fell in a heap... the horse dead, the rider unhurt.The lion fell in a heap, and she got a steel knee on top of it.Who knew when she might collapse in a heap of baubles and bangles?
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