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fall from grace

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfall from gracefall from gracePGa situation in which someone stops being respected by other people or loses their position of authority, especially because they have done something wrong He was the head of the intelligence service until his fall from grace. fall
Examples from the Corpus
fall from graceBut if Mrs Longhill felt better that her servant had fallen from grace in distant Barnswick, then let her think it.That in itself was a sign that Norris' fall from grace had begun.Now, as Pope fell from grace, McClellan came to the fore again.Even by Washington standards, Gingrich has quickly fallen from grace.Jackson's fall from grace came in the fourth game, when he struck out three times in a row.Much of his hatred and contempt of Bella must have stemmed from her involvement in Johnny's fall from grace.And its spectacular fall from grace should serve as a warning.The competition was soon simplified with the fall from grace of William Craig.He had an uncharacteristic fall from grace in his match against Connell.
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